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Sweat Shorts are made out of sweatpants. created out of their original. Every piece has a different shape / size. Adjustable Waistband. Woven NCCFN elastic ribbon in hem.

This collection was produced in cooperation with Rework Ag. NCCFN traveled to Kandla, India for the realization in the Rework studio. Accessories like bags were produced in the specialized Rework Atelier in Bangkok.

Quality of materials is variable. sweaters are mainly made out of 100% cotton or mixed between cotton & polyester.

Material Provider: Rework Ag / Textile leftovers collected in the western part of the world, sorted in Kandla, India. 

The size of our garments is indicated by the picture of a person wearing them.

We try to do without the conventional gender size description. We believe that everyone is free to decide what suits them, within their individual representation of the piece.

If there is no selection of sizes, it is a unique piece that has only been produced once. Sometimes we describe the size of our garments with their original inscribed sizes, as a guide.

CHF 20.00
CHF 150.00
You pay CHF 65.00