NCCFN is a network of fashion, art and cultural workers, craftsmen, thinkers and protagonists. Multidisciplinarity characterizes the work and every project we approach within this network. The Global fashion industry is one of the leading causes for social and ecological problems. NCCFN uses fashion as a medium to deal and understand these problems in a practical way. 

We work with the existing, with overproductions of the industry and develop methods to re-address these global products without origin. NCCFN finds existing references in their actual context. 

The aesthetic of the results shows a parodic way, how to get on with reality.

An implicit and (un)intentional communication towards and through the absurd state of implications of globality.

The freedom of equality, regardless of social status is a necessity for us. Necessity clashes with possibility, this is the driving force for NCCFN.

our work includes theses and theories. its a practic based research we really like to share to get a response. trough contributions, performances, video Installations and digital campaigns.

NCCFN was initiated by the designer Nina Jaun in 2018. Besides the core structure of the group, NCCFN defines itself as part of a wider network. Depending on each project different collaborations arise.


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